Watch Foo Fighters’ Drummer Taylor Hawkins Destroy A Van Halen Cover In Ninth Grade

If you want to be as good a drummer as Dave Grohl, you might need to sell your soul to the Devil/King Diamond at the crossroads. But if you want to be as good as also-ultra-talented Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, you could just start practicing really, really young.

Case in point, this video that shows Hawkins absolutely annihilating a cover of Van Halen’s “Panama” at a ninth-grade Battle of the Bands.

Hawkins had clearly put in more time pounding the skins than the lead singer of this 1987 Laguna Beach High School outfit spent counting time (he jumps his cue by a bit), but it’s clear the entire band spent a lot of time on one aspect of their presentation… the glorious two-on-two showdown of mullets vs. metal hair.

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(Via SPIN)