Future Promoted His Artist Doe Boy’s Album And Now Fans Are Upset

Future may be the unofficial meme king of hip-hop, but he’s already expressed his feelings about constantly going viral. To put it bluntly, he’s not really a fan. That’s too bad for him because his latest viral moment might end up being his least favorite. After promoting his artist Doe Boy’s upcoming album 56 Birdz with DJ Esco (dropping tonight at midnight), fans got excited thinking that it meant Future was dropping a new album himself.

It’s technically a reasonable assumption on the part of fans; Future’s working pace is legendarily consistent, with the Atlanta trap god posting a new project about once every six months. If he kept to his usual schedule, it’d appear that we were right on track for another release. That thinking, combined with a general level of disappointment in the year 2020 among fans — concerts, festivals, and even entire NBA seasons are being canceled due to coronavirus — led to a burst of optimism that quickly soured to spite when fans realized the project wasn’t what they thought it was.

The consensus seems to be that fans would prefer Future so much that they’re actively hating on Doe Boy. The memes have included fans raging, sleeping, retracting their excitement, and outright cussing Future out for pump faking. Check out some of the best responses below.