Grace VanderWaal Wants To Keep Arts And Music In School

Any viewer that’s taken in even a sliver of a Grace VanderWaal performance can see that the 14-year-old singer-songwriter’s gifts are undeniable. Tipped with glowing comparisons to Taylor Swift and a major label deal to match, Grace hasn’t forgotten her journey to music stardom. The America’s Got Talent champion is placing a spotlight on the value of music education to make sure kids aren’t shut out of the arts.

The “Moonlight” singer trekked to Chestnut Ridge Middle School in New York with Honda Backstage to demonstrate how special music is to students and what it unlocks within young hearts. Access to arts education is something Grace is passionate about, especially with these programs dwindling across the country.

“It’s just not fair,” laments Grace about the erosion of arts education. “Kids should have music. Kids should have art. We deserve that.”

It’s that desire for arts accessibility that brought Grace to Chestnut Ridge where she interacted with students and performed alongside the show choir, Little Miracles. She’s serving as a living example of how music can change lives and doesn’t have to be a reality TV fantasy.

“If Grace didn’t have music growing up, would she have the opportunities that she’s had now?” notes Grace’s mom Tina. “Would she be able to go on [America’s Got Talent] and do what she did? I don’t know if she could have.”

Watch above as Grace VanderWaal makes this special visit to Chestnut Ridge Middle School and see why music education is of such vital importance to her life.