Grizzly Bear Refused To Answer Reddit’s Questions About Their Wieners

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Grizzly Bear hosted a Reddit AMA today to talk about their new album Painted Ruins. But as is always the case with these things, what the band wanted to talk about wasn’t necessarily what the internet wanted to talk about. One of the first questions posed to the band was a query that has been burning up the indie world since the band first broke onto the scene as a full band with Yellow House.


Unfortunately, the question went unanswered in favor of the fans who had serious q’s about the new album and the band’s career. Not to say that those answers aren’t interesting, but it is a bit of a let-down — let’s not forget, esteemed EDM duo The Chainsmokers answered this question by giving us their combined dick size. Strange that Grizzly Bear isn’t following their lead. Instead the band talked about what it’s like to be indie famous, their new record and their favorite songs to play live. They also showered love on acts like Kendrick Lamar, Feist and Rostam. Check out a few of their answers below:

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