Gwar Found A New Lead Singer And She Has A Great Name

After Dave Brockie died from an accidental heroin overdose earlier this year, Gwar was left without a lead singer (and none of its original members). No one person could ever replace Oderus Urungus, so the Virginia-based metal band is going with two front-peple: Blothar, who started out as Beefcake the Mighty and now goes by Blothar, and the newest addition, VULVATRON.

Meet Vulvatron, a spiky purple Amazon whose massive (prosthetic) breasts occasionally shoot geysers of blood out onto her hapless audience. Vulvatron is not dancing, or breathing fire, or keeping the slaves in line (though one assumes she’ll be adept at all three). For the first time since the departure of dancer and backing singer Slymenstra Hymen (Danielle Stampe) in 2000, GWAR has a female member, and she’s the frontwoman.

She’s played by Kim Dylla, an accomplished clothing designer and musician in her own right, and her appointment as the new high priestess of GWAR is going to make some waves. (Via)

Vulvatron was always my favorite Transformer, so this is great news.

Via Wondering Sound