Gwen Stefani Sent A Clear Message To Gavin Rossdale With Her New Breakup Song

Hell hath no fury like a pop-star scorned. No one really knows — nor is it our business — why Gwen Stefani announced her divorce from Gavin Rossdale in August. This was one of many crushing blows in the summer of love, though it is true that Miss Piggy and Kermit’s breakup eclipsed them all. Without getting too tabloidy, it must have taken a lot for Gwen to say goodbye to her husband of 13 years.

Is it too soon to release a “divorce song”? On Saturday evening at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, Gwen gave a good indication of who did the heartbreaking. Gwen debuted her new single, “Used To Love You,” and perhaps the song itself isn’t actually about Gavin. Yet the performance was backed by a big screen version of Gwen crying (and shouting) along with the lyrics. If she’s not actually singing about her split, she certainly wants us to think so. Could this be a genius scheme or perhaps a reinvention? Gwen was once (for a brief moment) the world’s biggest pop star. She could return and snatch that crown away from Taylor Swift. Ehh, maybe not.

Aside from all the drama, this is an okay song, but it’s certainly no “Don’t Speak.”