Here Are All The Hot People Natalie Dormer Makes Out With In Hozier’s ‘Someone New’

Natalie Dormer, the soon-to-be Queen Margaery on Game of Thrones, is in Hozier’s “Someone New” music video, and she is, in a word, fierce.

The video is simple, but it works because Dormer is giving serious face. Plus, she makes out with a whole bunch of attractive people.

1. This Dreadlocked Guy At The Club

2. This Hottie Catching Up With Serial On The Subway

3. This Guy In The Moonlight

4. Another Guy In Her Apartment

5. Same Guy On The Couch

6. The Same Guy Again On A Rooftop, Because Getting Naked On A Rooftop Is Really Sexy

7. A Good-Looking Gal Who Likes Walking The City Arm-In-Arm With A Strong Drink

All in all, a pretty great night for the future ruler of Westeros.

Source: YouTube