Here Is An Alleged Nirvana Bootleg Recorded 25 Years Ago Today

Despite Kurt Cobain’s suicide in 1994, Nirvana is the cultural phenomenon that keeps on giving. Albums, photos, and posters are almost always readily available at both major chains and independent stores alike. Twenty-five years after playing a gig at a dive in the Pacific Northwest, it appears Nirvana still has more to offer its fans.

Noisy reports a video published on YouTube today allegedly features a bootleg of the band’s performance at the Satyricon nightclub in Portland, Oregon.

The set—which kicks off with the distorted droney tones of “Scoff” and closes with the squalling fury and feedback chaos of “Blew”—is mostly anchored with cuts from the band’s 1989 debut Bleach, but also includes an early rendition of Nevermind’s “Polly” and “Breed,” plus the ever-brilliant rarity “Sappy,” which dates back to the late 80s, but wasn’t properly recorded until Albini’s In Utero sessions. It was then released as a secret track on No Alternative, an AIDS benefit compilation. (Via Noisy)

According to the YouTube poster, Dale Crover played drums and Courtney Love was in the audience. This was the night Cobain and Love met for the first time. Meanwhile, hordes of Twitter-going Justin Bieber fans are asking themselves, “Who the hell is Nirvana?”

(Via Noisy and YouTube)