Troye Sivan’s Unapologetic Vulnerability Inspires Fans To Be Bold

Troye Sivan is nothing short of a glowing pop icon — the 23-year old has rapidly climbed the ranks from Youtube vlog acclaim to full-on chart sweeping stardom. Something that’s remained steady through it all, though, is Sivan’s tender vulnerability, both as an artist and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

In Sivan’s coming out video, which he recorded via webcam for his Youtube channel at the age of 18, he’s understandably afraid: “This is probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my entire life,” he prefaced the announcement, eyes flitting.

“One of my earliest memories was knowing that I was different and being terrified about it,” Sivan recalls about his past in this Honda Backstage video, years after that initial leap. “When you are being unapologetic with yourself, that’s liberating. I just wish I could sit down with my younger self and show him that.”

And while he can’t quite go back to do exactly that, it’s undeniable that he aims as much as possible to warmly embolden his own fans in their journeys. In the video, Sivan partnered with Honda and Uproxx to surprise a long-time devotee (who shares a first name), Troye Kline.

“I came out as trans when I was 11,” Kline told Sivan. “I started listening to your music. I just like how open you were about being LGBT because it’s always something that I’ve struggled with.”

Witnessing Sivan’s infectious energy and growing self-assuredness is surefire proof of what an adamantly supportive environment can do, and he’s not taking a second of it for granted: “I get to look out at these incredible crowds with people holding up pride flags, people with their partners — it’s insane, and it’s the most rewarding experience I could ever ask for.” Watch the clip above.