Jorja Smith And Ibeyi Are Sisters Of Fate On ‘Lavender & Red Roses’

When Jorja Smith came to the studio to hear Ibeyi’s upcoming album, Spell 31, she fell hard for a track called “Lavender & Roses.” So much so that the French-Cuban twins asked the British R&B sensation to be on the track. The sweeping love song, talks about how no matter how much you want to help someone, they are at the mercy of their fate.

It’s a lot of forceful talent on one tune and it’s produced by XL Recordings boss Richard Russell. Ibeyi’s Lisa-Kaindé Diaz shared a statement on the mythological themes that play into the tune and its creation:

“We knew we wanted to create something with Jorja that would be different from what we’ve done previously that would allow us to connect with the true meaning of the song. When we came across the three sisters of fate from the Greek mythology that personify fate we knew immediately that it would be the right idea. Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos are sisters, one of them creates the thread of fate, the other analyses it and the third one cuts it. “Lavender and Red Roses” is a song about the feeling we all experience when we love someone troubled. It could be a partner, a sibling, a parent, a friend. We wanted to talk about the pain of witnessing a loved one hurting, repeating patterns and getting lost. And how it triggers in us the desire to reach them, hold them tight and wash their troubles away with lavender and red roses. But the truth is you can’t save them, if they pull you into their darkness, you will have to protect yourself, and allow them to find their own strength and light, their own way.”

Ibeyi has also announced three special album release shows in New York, Paris, and London. Those dates are listed below and tickets are available here.

Watch the video for “Lavender And Roses” above.

05/01 – New York @ The Sultan Room
05/14 – London @ Hoxton Hall
05/17 – Paris @ Lafayette Anticipations

Spell 31 is out 5/6 via XL Recordings. Pre-order it here.