Iggy Azalea Denied Tabloid Claims That She Uses Heroin

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Iggy Azalea has had a lot of rumors leveled at her (some of them true, to be honest), but this one probably takes the cake. While away on vacation with her “idiot” fiancé Nick Young, she woke up to the news that she has tracks from abusing heroin. As reported by incredibly reputable sources like MediaTakeout, of course, the “Fancy” rapper is rumored to be a heroin addict because of “tracks” on her hands.

Well, it turns out that those supposed “tracks” are from the cutest wittle needle ever, a.k.a. probably a cat.

See, there are so many things to criticize Iggy Azalea for, like debating if she’s really invested in the culture of hip-hop when she arguably doesn’t care about its origins or creators. Or that her raps sometimes sound like gibberish? But stuff like this, or if her butt is real or if her boobs are real, could not matter any less. Well, if she was really on heroin, it would kinda matter, but she’s not, so that’s probably the end of that.

Besides, everyone knows that pissy cats are the worst, so at least some sympathy is earned for Iggy. As someone who has been scratched by a cat that does not belong to me, I know that feeling. That angry, angry feeling.

(via Twitter)