James Corden And Jason Derulo Try To Keep Up With Some Kid Choreographers

Professional handsome gentleman and popular recording artist Jason Derulo is a talented dancer. So how is it that he got his ass handed to him during a Late Late Show dance segment?

Derulo and Late Late Show host James Corden got up to some fun-n-games (as is customary around his neck of the late night woods) and engaged in a bit of “Toddlerography.” As you may have gathered from the tile, the big hook is Derulo and Corden attempting to dance along with a toddler’s choreography. Seeing as moppets rarely enjoy playing by our rules (which is why hardened police chiefs are reluctant to make them detectives), the dancing that the late night host and the “Wiggle” tune vendor attempt isn’t exactly a “traditional” approach to movement. Still, you’ve got cute kids taking control of a dance class and possibly bringing Derulo to a place of motion sickness with all that twirling. Say, maybe there’s a dance craze to be mined from this.

We have the Late Late Show clip nestled above for your viewing and dance practice pleasure. Please consult with a physician, choreographer, or a day care teacher before attempting any of the movements depicted in the video.