Jenny Lewis Fans Are Sending Her Adorable Dog Photos After Mishearing A ‘Wasted Youth’ Lyric

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At the end of last week, Jenny Lewis shared “Wasted Youth,” a new single from her upcoming album, On The Line. The track is a delightful throwback to ’70s singer-songwriter vibes, and it features an earworm chorus that begins, “I wasted my youth on a poppy / Doo doo doo doo doo doo, just for fun.” It seems that some fans didn’t quite understand that hook correctly, though, and that has turned Lewis’ Twitter page into a pretty fun place over the past couple days.

Listeners apparently heard “puppy” instead of “poppy,” and that must have happened a lot, because yesterday, Lewis tweeted, “I did not waste my youth on a puppy but plz send pics of your puppies. best, management. ps. puppies is not a euphemism.”

Of course, Lewis’ followers delivered on that request. She seemed delighted by the results too, as she took the time to browse her mentions and respond to quite a few dog photos. She also wrote in a tweet, “thank u. my spirit is reinvigorated by your puppy pics,” and added in another, “I highly recommend scrolling through the whole #wastedmyyouthonapuppy thread. we got some real beauties in there. thx for sharing.”

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