Justin Bieber Uses The Same Hangover Cure As You

Getty Image

If there’s one thing TMZ is good at, it’s tracking down the whereabouts and daily comings and goings of stars like Justin Bieber. They’re so good at it, in fact, that most other sites have to source them on breaking celebrity news. The site has this sh*t on lock. But, they also happen to be around when other, smaller and mundane things are going on in the lives of celebrities, and sometimes these stories are even funnier and more interesting at the end of the day.

Take this video they posted of Justin Bieber this morning, casually strolling through a suburb of Sydney, Australia, where he’s currently on tour, surrounded by adoring fans and sipping on a green juice.

“What are you drinking?” someone asks at one point.

“Super green juice,” Justin responds. “I’m trying to detox, I had a few tequilas last night.” Wow. Strangely enough, so did I! And guess what? I’m also drinking green juice to detox. The Stars-They’re-Just-Like-Us narrative kinda never gets old, because it’s refreshing to consider that despite his millions of fans and mansions and hit singles, Bieber has to put nutrients back in his body after partying just like me. Justin, if you’re reading this, I also recommend a breakfast sandwich. When you come to Pasadena in August I’m happy to show you my technique.