Did You Hate Kanye’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’? Here’s Who You Can Blame For That

Kanye West may be one of the most egotistical musicians of all-time, but even he would admit that his singing needs the help of modern technology. Why do you think all of his albums, most notably 808s & Heartbreak, feature autotune? Kanye can’t be a pioneer all the time, and at least he realizes when he owes a debt to someone who came before.

According to Cher, the Chicago rapper thanked her for bringing autotune to the mainstream with her 1998 album Believe at a recent run-in between West, Cher and Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala.

Often seen as an aid for less-fortunate singers, autotune continues to be a polarizing topic throughout the music industry. Right, Hov?

T-Pain is probably somewhere looking for credit from Kanye, too.

(Via Twitter, h/t NME)