Kanye West Is Rocking Quite The Odd Mask That’s Actually Perfect For The Halloween Season

Since the first listening session for Kanye West’s tenth album Donda, the rapper has spent most of his time in the spotlight wearing an assortment of masks. Perhaps it’s his attempt from to place a wall between himself and those watching him. The rapper took things to next level on Tuesday. While in New York City, he wore a prosthetic mask — which was made to look like a Caucasian woman with smoky eye shadow — that covered his whole face, while meeting with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

It’s unknown why Kanye was meeting with Cohen, but in a conversation with Page Six, Cohen did share why West was wearing the mask (although not why he chose one that looks like caucasian woman). “The purpose [of the mask] was so that people would not recognize him,” he said. “The first 10 minutes we sat down, he was mobbed by people … who wanted photos, and to say hello. So he put on this mask to give him some anonymity, which interestingly enough, did not really work.”

This comes as Kanye is going to officially change his name to “Ye.” Judge Michelle Williams Court signed off the change after he filed a petition to The Los Angeles Superior Court on August 24, citing “personal reasons.”