Can This Colombian Pop Star And YouTube Sensation Make It In America?

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Our culture is rife with stories of people who were forced to chase the dreams of their parents and had it go poorly. We’ve all seen that guy who yells obnoxiously at his son during a little league game… and cried when James Van Der Beek told his dad he doesn’t want his life (or was that just me?).

But sometimes it doesn’t end in tragedy, sometimes a child genuinely wants to reach the heights that their parents failed to attain. And sometimes it ends in a runaway success. Take, for example, Karol G. At an early age, she latched on to the same dream as her father, to be a famous singer.

But maybe this is where Karol G’s story veers from the archetype, because her family was not entirely on board. In fact, her mother was vehemently against it, after spending years watching Karol G’s father struggle and fail.

“My mother, she was crying saying, ‘You’re going to make the same mistake as your father. He always wanted to be a singer,'” Karol G reveals. “But he had to get over it.”

Now, with the tables turned, with his daughter pursuing his dream? “Her dad supported her and I was always the bad guy,” Karol G’s mother admits. However, mom finally relented when she finally saw Karol G perform.

“Before she went on stage, I saw her as my daughter,” she confesses. “But once I saw her on stage in front of so many people and surrounded by big names, I saw her as a star.”