Don Cheadle Interrogates Kendrick Lamar In The Video For ‘DNA’

It’s been a pretty amazing week for Kendrick Lamar fans. On Friday, after an incredible run of hype and speculation, the Compton MC dropped his fourth album DAMN. to almost universal acclaim and eye-popping enthusiasm. A few days later, he took the stage on Easter Sunday at Coachella and turned in perhaps the best performance of the entire festival, and one of the most legendary live rap showcases anyone’s ever seen. The spoils keep coming though, because today he decided to share just a brand new music video for his DAMN. album standout “DNA.”

The scene opens with Kendrick chained to a table inside of what looks like a stark, police interrogation room. The faraway strains of the preceding song on DAMN. “YAH,” plays overhead. Academy Award nominated actor Don Cheadle strolls into the room and faces K. Dot. “Kendrick Lamar,” he says. “Two first names huh? What the f*ck is that?” Kendrick doesn’t say a word. Cheadle walks over to a chair next to him, grabs a seat and pushes the power button on a polygraph machine that seems to send a current of electricity coursing through his body. The two men then trade verses from the song before Cheadle eventually un-cuffs him and lets him stroll back out into the night.

The whole thing is extremely intense and seemingly designed to keep you on you toes. Check it for yourself in the video above.