Kendrick Lamar Smacks An Owl Piñata In A New Photo Teasing His ‘Not Like Us’ Video

Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth concert The Pop Out — Ken & Friends was epic for several reasons, but the universally agreed upon highlight was Lamar’s decision to end his 23-song set by performing “Not Like Us” five consecutive times (plus an instrumental version as he exited the Kia Forum stage). “Not Like Us” is one of Lamar’s Drake diss tracks from the spring and perhaps the most popular, hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and infiltrating unlikely corners of society.

Last week, Lamar filmed his forthcoming “Not Like Us” video in his hometown Compton, California. The highly anticipated video does not have a firm release date, but the internet is rumbling.

On Wednesday night, July 3, photos began circulating on social media teasing Lamar’s “Not Like Us” video, including a shot of Lamar obliterating an owl piñata with the message, “DISCLAIMER: NO OVH*ES WERE HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO” — a reference to the “Not Like Us” bridge mocking Drake’s OVO. There is also a photo of Lamar posing alongside Whitney Alford, his longtime partner, and their two children.

Earlier this week, an “Us” billboard from The Pop Out popped up in Inglewood, California, using a photo of Lamar on stage with everyone he brought together for what he called an “emotional” night.