Kid Cudi Slams Those Who Have Taken An Issue With Him Painting His Nails

Kid Cudi is someone who has oftentimes taken an unorthodox approach to things. His music and his style have always been his own and he’s rarely conformed to what society expected from him. So it came as no surprise when he took the Saturday Night Live stage earlier this to perform “Sad People” while wearing a dress custom-made by Virgil Abloh and designed to emulate the one Kurt Cobain once famously wore. While Cudi has no problem with standing out in a crowd, the rapper is certainly putting his foot down to those who try to criticize him for it as recently he did on Twitter.

After sharing a picture of himself wearing a Mandalorian helmet and throwing up the peace sign with painted nails on Instagram, Cudi was forced to turn off the ability to add comments on the post after some were displeased with the colorful addition to his hands. He then took to Twitter to share a piece of his mind with critics.

“Turned my comments off on Instagram,” Cudi wrote. “Seems people really have a problem w me painting my nails. I got tired of blockin so many accounts. I really need u to understand, if u dont like me doin this or anything I do, please dont buy my albums, dont come to my shows. F*ck all the way off.”

You can check out Cudi’s original Instagram post and his tweet above.