Killer Mike Addressed His 2024 Grammys Arrest With ‘Humble Me,’ A Spiritual Song He Wrote The Day After

Last week, TMZ exclusively reported that Killer Mike would not face charges from his arrest at the 2024 Grammys, where The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chris Gardner captured footage of Killer Mike being put into handcuffs after winning Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Song. As relayed by TMZ at the time, the arrest allegedly stemmed from “getting into some kind of physical altercation with a security guard.”

On February 12, the Atlanta rapper, actor, and activist addressed the arrest on The View, but he really addressed it on “Humble Me,” his new spiritual song that uses his personal experience to shed light on the broader, deep-rooted injustices.

“I won at the Grammys for spitting my grammar / Did that for Atlanta,” Killer Mike raps, while hands grab at him in the accompanying black-and-white video. “Did that for Atlanta, bruh / Swept up like a janitor / Got sent to the slammer, bruh / Treat me like an animal / Or some kind of Hannibal, vicious and cannibal / The devil be doin’ you, right when you doin’ it / The devil will ruin you.”

“I was in the studio the very next day,” Killer Mike said in a statement, as per press release. “I’m as inspired as ever, and I’m just following the music at this point. “All my heroes have been cuffed and mishandled in some way. I just thanked God in that moment of being Daniel in the lion’s den.”

Mike continued, “I came out of the jailhouse in the pouring rain to my wife waiting for me, lit a joint, celebrated a bit and then woke up and got the news about my son’s kidney. I believe that humility and worship granted me God’s grace in the face of that test, and I believe my son receiving his kidney was a blessing from God.”

By the video’s end, Killer Mike is joined by Pony Boy and puts his arm around him while rapping, “The devil put me on his whipping post / The Lord did not allow him to whip me / So, I went to sleep as free as can be, and the next day, my son got a kidney / Lord, humble me now.”

In February, Killer Mike spoke with GQ about his son, “Pony Boy,” receiving a kidney after three years on the list.

On Sunday, June 30, Killer Mike returned to Los Angeles’ Peacock Theater, the site of his 2024 Grammys arrest, for the BET Awards 2024, where he got the last laugh by winning Album Of The Year for Michael.

Watch the “Humble Me” video above.