Kim Kardashian Safeguards Her Social Media From Snakes As Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Promo Begins

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Kim Kardashian understands how to navigate an elaborate album launch campaign. If she didn’t, marrying the marketing savvy Kanye West would seem like a bit of challenge. Still, don’t expect Kim K to let snakes wriggle on her social media for Taylor Swift’s sake. In fact, she’s apparently shutting that emoji sh*t down where she can.

As Taylor Swift’s first single off her new record Reputation awaits its Thursday debut, Billboard notes that Kim has seemingly blocked all snake emoji from appearing on her Instagram account. The E! star’s Twitter account has been bombarded with snake emoji, but her Instagram account is conspicuously free of the reptile. (Users can still see the snakes, although they only appear to the commenter that unleashed them.) Instagram is a no snake handling zone for Kim Kardashian.

Taylor’s been using snake symbolism for the current album campaign which reads as a direct nod to Kim Kardashian’s 2016 reveal of compromising audio from the pop colossus. A healthy portion of the ‘Blank Space’ hitmaker’s fans have taken to using the smoke emoji liberally in honor of the artist and spamming Kim K as a spinoff.

It would be nice if Taylor, Kim and Kanye took another crack at getting along. After all, there’s a limited pool of steadfast tabloid idols with social media moxie and tons of celebrity friends out there, so they’re in sort of an exclusive club. Some things and friendships are just not meant to be, I guess.

(Via Billboard)