Music Is A Healing Experience For Kyle

Kyle has something most people don’t: Positivity. And in the music industry that’s aching for another hit, that type of energy is crucial to delivering music that’s worthwhile and lasting. Kyle’s last two albums Beautiful Loser and Smile are both products of this type of growth that can only come when you eschew negativity completely.

Kyle’s dedication to his craft goes above and beyond; during the day he’s taking calls and participating in meetings, and at night, he works on his music, trying to continue an enviable run of creativity and success.

Kyle’s 2016 track “I Spy” is an undisputed hit and left incredibly high expectations for the rapper; the song became one of the Top 5 Most Streamed Songs of 2017 with a whopping one billion streams and went four times platinum.

However, for Kyle, music is about more than numbers. It’s a healing experience and one that he hopes to share with his fans. “For me as an artist, I don’t know which song is going to be the one that helps somebody or changes somebody’s life,” he says.

Watch the above video to get a behind-the-scenes look at Kyle’s work in the studio and gain some insight into his writing and thought process.