Watch Lady Gaga Kick Off Her Super Bowl Halftime Show By Jumping Off The Top Of The Arena

Lady Gaga’s halftime show has been a much anticipated event long before it started. Rumors of political action and involvement have been flying, especially given her vehement distaste for President Trump since election night itself. This weekend the NRA began to get antsy about what political messaging she might incorporate.

But for the beginning of her show, there was nothing overtly political, except some patriotic songs and a huge stunt from Gaga. To kick off the enormous performance, Gaga pulled off her very dangerous plan of starting the show at the top of the arena with a mashup of “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land” before leaping off the arena and floating down to her stage below. Of course, camera angles mean we didn’t get to see how high the jump really was, but it still looked incredible.

After a brief interpolation of one of her biggest hits “Poker Face,” she took to the air again to join the rest of her dancers on a lit up dance floor to do “Born This Way,” off her album of the same name. When Gaga went into “Telephone” the entire arena held their breath, hoping that Beyonce would somehow appear, but given her recently announced pregnancy that just wasn’t in the cards. Watch the first couple songs of Gaga’s performance above.