Lady Gaga Recalls The Valuable Advice She Got From A 65-Year-Old Stripper

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett appeared together on The Tonight Show to promote their collaboration album and upcoming tour, and thanks to Jimmy Fallon’s prompting, Tony Bennett told a lovely story about the time he got advice from a cab driver. Apparently this cabbie told him that ever since entertainers started using microphones, everybody’s a phony — because real performers don’t need to use microphones. So to this day, Tony Bennett prefers to sing without the use of a microphone. It was a very sweet story.

Jimmy Fallon then asked if Lady Gaga has ever taken advice from a stranger. She has! From a stripper at the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta, in fact, who was approximately 65-70 years of age. This lady also had advice regarding not using, uh, certain accompaniments while singing, which was almost exactly like the advice Tony Bennett got, if you think about it. Either way, good story, Lady Gaga!