Another Posthumous King Von Album Is On The Way, According To His Manager

In 2020, King Von tragically died at the age of 26 after being shot at an Atlanta nightclub. The hip-hop world was shaken with many icons sharing tributes such as Chance The Rapper, Calboy, Dreezy, Joey Purp, and Queen Key. Since then, a lot of posthumous music has been unleashed; 2022’s What It Means To Be King was a goldmine. There were also plenty of posthumous videos, for tracks like “Get It Done,” “Too Real,” “Don’t Play That” with 21 Savage, and more.

It looks like even more posthumous music is coming — a whole album, in fact. Von’s manager, 100k Tracks, teased fans on social media: “Yup it’s that time again @kingvonfrmdao ?/?/23 Album Ready @nima_empire @ghazi @empire @otf @_gbg_gbg_ @100kmgmt @__tmac__1 @_djbandz – what would von name it though,” he wrote.

Just days before the rapper was killed, Von talked with Uproxx and talked about who he made music for. “People that grow up in Parkway with single mothers. You know, that Section 8 sh*t,” he said. “Grow up around there, with drug dealers around. People that grew up in sh*t like that and f*cked up predicaments. It’s a lot of people. And then people, just as entertainment, and sh*t, I guess. The suburban kids. Everybody who f*ck with the music, man.”