Lil Nas X Shares His Nas-Featuring ‘Rodeo’ Remix After Its Unexpected Grammys Premiere

A lot of artists were announced as performers for last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony. Among those was Lil Nas X, who was slated to be joined by Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey, Diplo, and BTS for “Old Town Road.” That part happened, but then Lil Nas X brought out a surprise guest, and it was really a long time coming: Nas hopped on stage to partner with Lil Nas X for a new “Rodeo” remix. Now, following the ceremony, the studio version of the track has been shared.

On Nas’ new verse, he nods at how Lil Nas X brought his name into modern times — “Game change, but the name don’t” — and concludes, “Rap don, country flavor / Now we worldwide, we made a big brand / Now our catalog is so major / Rodeo or Rodeo, hoe-folio is so player / Tomato or tomato, Nas X or Big Nas, this sh*t ride.”

This meet-up comes months after Lil Nas X explained that his stage name is not intended to be disrespectful towards Nas, tweeting, “nas is a legend and i never meant any disrespect by my stage name. i actually might change it in the future.”

Listen to the “Rodeo” remix above, and find the full list of last night’s Grammy nominees and winners here.