Lil Yachty Revealed Just How Much Of City Girls’ ‘Act Up’ He Wrote

Lil Yachty has really been expanding his impact on the entertainment industry lately — first, the world saw him acting in the How High trailer and now the internet is going crazy over the fact that he wrote nearly all of one of the City Girls’ most famous songs, “Act Up” – a song that even inspired its own internet challenge where people began twerking in a church.

“I just did it and when it came out, everyone was just so shocked and they couldn’t believe it,” started Yachty during an interview with Kerwin Frost. “[They said], he may have said one thing in the studio and they credited him, you know? I wrote the whole song except for JT’s last verse, but everything that everyone is singing and all, I wrote that whole thing. I just thought like them, you know I know them personally and I know what women like to hear. I was literally sitting there and I was like ‘yo, what’s just some raunchy sh*t?’ I just started saying it then I went in the booth… and started saying all that crazy sh*t. I came out and said ‘watch, this is about to blow up.'”

It seemed like Yachty knew right away that this was going to be a hit. The image of him sitting in the studio coming up with lyrics for the track and then proceeding to go into the booth and do a run-through of the lyrics is hysterical, but definitely a fun-spirited one. He mentioned that songwriting was always something he wanted to do for other artists and that this gave him validation. While some questioned how much he actually wrote on the track before, it’s pretty clear now.

“I didn’t even expect it, it was crazy to me, but I knew I could do it though,” he continued. “I always wanted to do it too, I’ve always wanted to write a song for somebody. I did it and when it blew up, I felt so good. People always try to discredit me, man.”