Lizzo Wants Her Fans To Be Called ‘Lizzbians’

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Camila Cabello fans are Camilizers, Taylor Swift fans are Swifties, Harry Styles fans are Harries. Every pop star with a devoted fanbase needs a proper name to address themselves en masse, and Lizzo just came up with the most hilarious one for her own fans.

Following the release of her album Cuz I Love You this spring, the singer-songwriter-rapper has quickly reached pop icon status. Her concerts sell out in minutes, and her music is beloved by superfans and casual listeners alike — it’s about time all the folks who love Lizzo have a name to call themselves.

Lizzo responded to a fan on Twitter on Tuesday asking what the proper name for a Lizzo stan is. Her answer? “Lizzbians.”

It’s certainly an evocative name, and is especially fun considering the number of LGBT fans Lizzo has. (Not to make generalizations, but there were a lot of rainbow sequins and pride flags in the crowd at her concert in Portland last April.) Her single “Truth Hurts” is currently no. 14 on the Hot 100 and climbing steadily, but knowing the collective power of her fans, it’ll be top 10 in no time. Let’s go, Lizzbians.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .