Loras From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has A Mixtape And It’s Pure Dragon Fire

Before Game of Thrones became a massive cultural phenomena due to the hit HBO series, Hodor actor Kristian Nairn was best known as the resident DJ for renowned Belfast gay club Kremlin. Once the show took off, Nairn used its success to kick off a Rave of Thrones tour that has been so successful it’s taken the Irish actor and DJ around the world several times over.

But Kristian Nairn isn’t the only actor from Game of Thrones with an ear for music and a desire to share it with people. Finn Jones, better known to viewers as Queen Margaery’s dashing brother Ser Loras Tyrell, is also an up-and-coming DJ, and a pretty damn good one based on this Good Vibrations: Odyssey mix from last year that we discovered on Soundcloud. Better late than never, right? Somehow, the internet doesn’t seem to have gotten wind of this yet.

In case you don’t know the story though, Jones credits Kristian Nairn for pushing him to embrace DJing as a potential career.

“He’s a pro. For me, it’s just been a hobby, messing around in my bedroom, just because I’m obsessed with music,” Jones told Vulture in 2015. “And then one day, Kristian says to me, ‘I could get you some gigs, if you’d like.’ And I’m like, yeah, yeah, right, okay. But he put me in contact with this promoter, and this promoter came back to me with like a 20-date tour around the U.K.!”

That promoter was Propaganda, a group that has club nights in cities across the U.K. and now the world. From all accounts the tour was a rousing success with packed dancefloors full of Game of Thrones fans eager to hear the Knight of Flowers perform.

“So I went from DJing in my bedroom or at small parties for friends, just kind of intimate, small, nice, to suddenly going on this tour around the U.K. DJing to thousands of people,” he explained. “Kristian was my friend before, but he’s definitely helped me out in that respect, and becoming more confident to playing to a crowd. He pretty much forced me to go out there, and I love it. It’s such a cool pastime to have.”

In addition to the Propaganda dates, Finn has turned up to play at several Rave of Thrones events as well. And at every date with Loras on the line-up, Kristian Nairn has made sure to plug his buddy to the press.

“Finn’s a very good friend of mine,” the Hodor actor told Australian website MusicFeeds in 2014. “He has I think one of the most important things, and overlooked things, that you need as a DJ — you need great taste in music.”

After listening to Finn’s Odyssey mix about a hundred times, we definitely agree.