Meek Mill Makes An Apt Comparison Of Poverty Conditions To ‘Squid Game’ But Some Fans Disagree

It seems like for the past few weeks, all anyone has been able to talk about is Squid Game, the Korean Netflix drama that has captivated viewers with its grotesque concept and sly social commentary. That includes rappers, as well; Meek Mill apparently enjoyed it and was able to connect with the show’s themes, making an astute observation on Twitter that unfortunately, didn’t go over well with some of his followers.

“Squid games”pay attention how fast people switch and kill each other to survive,” he noted. “Now think about the ‘hood’ poverty …it’s the exact same thing …if you just help them with work/money they won’t be that way ‘just a common sense message.'” Parsing his words a bit, it seems as though he’s pointing out what sociologists and activists have been saying for a long time. Impoverished areas need more resources because crime and violence are a result of that lack, not intrinsic nature.

Of course, not everyone was amenable to this observation, likely thanks in part to Meek’s hit-and-miss social strategy, including his own recent missed opportunity to “give back.” Some of the responses argued that it takes more than resources, while others thought that the theme of the show — which is spelled out pretty clearly throughout its nine episodes — points to a different conclusion. One commenter rejected the premise of the tweet entirely, telling Meek to “get in the studio” despite the fact that his latest album is less than a week old.

However, many agreed with Meek’s perspective on the message that Squid Game conveyed. The show revolves around a group of desperate people who sign up to play children’s games for a large jackpot. However, they quickly learn that the losers are shot and killed. Given the opportunity to opt-out and return to their respective dire circumstances, many of the players return, playing out the violent six-round game to completion, becoming more vicious as their numbers dwindle and the games themselves turn them against each other.

You can watch Squid Game on Netflix now.

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