Megan Thee Stallion Updated The ‘Megan’ Cover On DSPs After Fans Complained About The Original Version

Megan Thee Stallion‘s new album Megan is on the way, but before its release, she’s made a big change to one of the most important parts: the cover art. Thee Stallion had the album’s cover updated across DSPs from its original version; on the new cover, a nude-ish Megan emerges from a giant egg. This re-aligns from the old cover, which depicted Megan coming out of a monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging from a tree. The original cover drew complaints from fans — along with Ice Spice’s Y2K cover — for featuring an awkward design.

Meg almost certainly saw fans’ jokes about the original cover, which deviated heavily from the established snake theme of her promo so far. Having released singles like “Cobra,” “Hiss,” and “Boa,” representing the way snakes shed their skins, the butterfly theme of the cover also nodded to the concept of transformation, but seemingly came out of left field. Speaking of left field, positioning the subject to the extreme left of the cover is pretty much a day-one design class error — not that it can’t be done to make an artistic statement, but here, the decision was misplaced (along with Meg). You can check out the new cover for comparison below.

Megan is out on 6/28