Lifetime Is Making A Michael Jackson Biopic About Only The Last Two Years Of His Life

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If you’re going to make a biopic about a career as long and messy as Michael Jackson’s, it helps to have an angle. Putting in place some sort of lens to view the story of the King of Pop helps you avoid the trap of lightly touching on story beats that everyone expects in order to get the story told in a feature-length amount of time. And Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland has that, telling the story of the last two years of MJ’s life through the eyes of the bodyguards that protected him. Unfortunately, the biopic is also being made for Lifetime. And that’s about as strong an indicator of a bad biopic as not being able to secure the rights to an artist’s music.

After giving this sort of treatment to Britney Spears, Full House and….the Menendez Brothers, it looks like the cheesy TV movie factory is cranking out a story about Jackson’s last days. Take a look at the trailer up top, where you can see how Jackson impersonator Navi pulls off playing a late-in-life version of the star.

One thing the movie might have going for it, it’s based on a real-life book that somebody presumably put a little bit more effort into than the story of what really happened on Saved By The Bell.