Miley Cyrus And Dane Cook Are Dating Now And Your Friend From High School Is Ecstatic


Happy 2007 everybody! You see, guys, sometimes two people are just destined to be together. She’s an always nude, sh*t stirring, occasionally philanthropic weirdo. He’s a somewhat disgraced comedian who you probably haven’t thought of in five years. It just makes perfect sense, ya’ll. Why do you have to overthink things so much?

According to the Daily Mail, following Miley Cyrus‘ fling with Stella Maxwell, she fell right into the lap of trusted confidant, the SuperFinger creator himself, Dane Cook. Apparently, their courtship has been in the making for quite a while, as they’ve been close friends since, well, back when Dane was popular.

He even teased her while hitting on her (perfect PUA tactic) as far back as 2013 by referring to her boobs as “vanilla ice cream.”

Since then, the two have been friendly on social media, but now the gossip rags are reporting that the two are together, thus combining all the interests of that person from high school you hate on Facebook.

But enough of the jokes: it’s totally cliché to be mean people to these two. If two people can find love in this crazy world, talented or wholly untalented, who are we to judge? We’re not in their bedrooms, and whatever they do there and (who ever they steal from there) is their business. Nothing but the best to you!

(Via Daily Mail)