Mumford And Sons Tried To Be Badass By Chucking Their Gear Into The Crowd, And It Did Not Go Well

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Mumford and Sons want you to know that they are so much more than just lovely waistcoats and lovelorn folk. Earlier this week, we saw the Brits channel their inner Eurythmics with a cover of “Sweet Dreams”. They then followed that up by “revealing” they’d once been in a ’90s boy band called Mumtown while appearing on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Apparently Mumford and Sons also want to be the badass rocker types, at least judging by a stunt at their recent concert in Washington. During their encore performance, so swept up by the badass rocker moment, one of the group’s members chucked his guitar stand into the crowd. According to TMZ, the flying metal object ended up slamming right into a woman’s head.

Despite audience members’ requests to stop the show so that the woman could receive medical attention, Mumford and Sons, as badass rockers will do, seemed to carry on with the set without a second thought.

(Via TMZ)