NLE Choppa Celebrates His Prison Release With The ‘Beat Box (First Day Out)’ Freestyle

Every day, more and more rappers are hopping on the viral “Beat Box” challenge. It’s essentially a way for artists to flex their lyricism while offering their own interpretation of SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box” beat. So far, rappers like Mulatto, DaBaby, Polo G, and Lil Yachty have hopped on the trend. Now, NLE Choppa offers up his own version of the viral challenge while also celebrating his recent release from prison with “Beat Box (First Day Out).”

Over SpotemGottem’s recognizable beat, Choppa asserts his dominance with each boastful lyric. Choppa’s “Beat Box (First Day Out)” arrives alongside a fast-paced video, the filming process of which apparently saw some hiccups. It closes out with a clip of the rapper and his crew fleeing a car that they had crashed into the side of the road while on camera. Even still, the video is a way for the rapper to celebrate that he’s currently out of jail on bail.

Earlier this week and ahead of the “Beat Box” filming, the 18-year-old was arrested in Florida on suspicion of burglary, carrying a concealed firearm, and possession of drugs including Xanax and weed. He was taken into Broward County Sherrif’s Office in Fort Lauderdale and his bail was set at $4,500, which he was able to pay shortly after his arrest.

Choppa is looking to make the most of his legal situation, however. Along with dropping “Beat Box (First Day Out)” as an anthem for his freedom, the rapper announced a line of merch that is printed with his most recent mug shot.

Watch Choppa’s “Beat Box (First Day Out)” video above.

NLE Choppa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.