These OK Go Songs Can Guide You Through The Haze Of Election Day Defeat

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Virgin Records/Getty/Shutter

As a society, we look to Chicago-born power pop group OK Go for delightfully playful and unique music videos that contain treadmill dancing and Rube Goldberg devices, but what if we turned to them to guide us in our journey back from the edge of sanity following this ragey election? Especially if the results winding up being less than ideal for all you [UNBIASED FILLER] supporters out there. Well, they’d actually be the perfect salve.

“Get Over It”

Relevant for more than the fact that this video looks like it was filmed at your local polling place, the message is perhaps the most important one to keep in your heart on election day, because no matter the result, just get over it. Yes, your vote matters and to the victor go the keys to the kingdom, but to be honest, the sun will still rise tomorrow. No president is as bad as they’re made out to be by their opponent during the campaign. I promise you, she’s not the devil and he’s not the anti-christ. Will they each suck in their own unique way? You betcha, and congress is going to play weird head games no matter what, like hiding a Supreme Court nominee in a coat room or shutting down the government. Thing is, the only thing we can do about all of that has been done, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the many distractions available to you while you wait for your next turn at bat.

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