Pam Anderson Shares A Most Bizarre David Hasselhoff Story From Their ‘Baywatch’ Days

David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson
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All the cool celebs are doing reddit AMAs, a forum where they can pump their latest movie or product while at the same time answering questions from fans. On Friday afternoon, 1990’s icon Pamela Anderson was the latest to participate, a move clearly made in an effort to pimp her new book and website.

PR bullsh*t aside, Anderson did share a rather wonderful story about former Baywatch castmate, David Hasselhoff. Turns out, he’s a much bigger fan of himself than we all thought.

How do you remember working with David Hasselhof? Did he make a lot of jokes during Baywatch?

He did. He’s actually very funny. He just loves being David Hasselhoff. He’s kind of a caricature of himself, and he was always very distracted. I think he liked to bet on sports!

What’s the craziest/funniest thing David Hasselhoff has ever said to you?

Well, I think when he gave me a calendar of himself?

And a CD of himself?

And a postcard of himself, coming out of the water, dripping, and said “Thank you for supporting my musical career” and I didn’t know he HAD a musical career!

I think this was a Christmas gift to everybody on the set of Baywatch.

A few questions:

1) Where can we find this postcard?

2) Where can we find this calendar?

3) How is it possible that Pam Anderson wasn’t aware of his music career when that’s all Hasselhoff ever talked about?

4) Is there a video of Hasselhoff running slowly on the beach set to “Chariots of Fire?

(The answer is yes.)

5) Sorry, this isn’t a question.