Quavo And Offset Reportedly Got Into A Fight Backstage At The Grammys Over The Tribute For Takeoff

No one knows the reason behind the dispute that split Migos, but it doesn’t appear that Takeoff’s death has made Quavo and Offset ready to settle it yet. According to TMZ, it actually escalated last night at the Grammys, where the two men were involved in an altercation backstage and had to be separated when Quavo refused to allow Offset to participate in his tribute to their fallen bandmate.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ’s sources, it was not Offset who started the fight, which makes sense considering the comments Quavo and Takeoff made over the past year regarding his falling out with the group. While Quavo and Takeoff spoke about “disloyalty,” it seemed that Offset had angered them in some way, leading to their making a joint album without him. Fans have speculated that it was Offset suing their label, Quality Control Music, that set things off; others believe that there was a romantic tryst between Offset and Saweetie, who was previously dating Quavo.

Whatever the reason, many fans were disappointed that the two remaining Migos were unable to reconcile their differences for the tribute. However, it looks like the tribute provided another wedge between them, making a Migos reunion less likely than ever.