Rapsody’s ‘Afeni’ Video Depicts The Trials and Tribulations Of A Single Black Mother

At the conclusion of 2019, Rapsody stood among all of hip-hop with a top-five album in Eve. An album that commemorated and honored the lives of sixteen powerful and historically prominent black women. In a recent visit to Uproxx’s Los Angeles office, Rapsody explained why she thought it was important to acknowledge these women. “I don’t think we necessarily always get the opportunity or the space to tell our story and to tell how we feel or to be represented.”

Continuing to honor these women, even months removed the release of Eve, Rapsody returns with a new video for the PJ Morton-featuring “Afeni.” The video starts with a clip from Tupac’s famous acapella rendition of “Keep Your Head Up” during a visit to Marcus Garvey School in 1993, then follows a black woman who is in a seemingly great relationship until she is faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Left to bear the child on her own, the video continues to follow her through the pregnancy and the early stages of raising the child, with the visual concluding with the mother and child playing along the shore of the beach.

Watch the “Afeni” video above.

Eve is out now on Jamla Records. Get it here.