Red Lobster Sure Wasn’t Expecting This Big Of A Sales Boost Thanks To Beyoncé

Beyonce Super Bowl
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Beyoncé is beyond worrying about the market when she releases new music. As these surprising sales numbers from Red Lobster show, Beyoncé bends the marketplace to her will even beyond the realm of music. The casual seafood chain saw a 33 percent increase in sales on the day after the release of “Formation,” a song where Beyoncé alludes to Red Lobster as a reward for, well, some good sex.

After the surprise release of “Formation,” the restaurant trended on Twitter for the first time in its history. Red Lobster spokesperson Erica Ettori said that the chain was mentioned 42,000 times in a single hour. This, of course, prompted them to respond (eventually) with a play on words about their most famous appetizer.

Fans weren’t happy with the delayed response, so Red Lobster played it off.

Red Lobster also used the platform to thank Beyoncé for the shout-out sales bump.

The travel-size hot sauce industry is much harder to get a bead on, but we expect news within the week.

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(Via CNN Money)