Netflix’s Rap Talent Show ‘Rhythm + Flow’ Is Coming Back After Nearly Five Years For Season 2 With Eminem

Does anyone remember Rhythm + Flow, Netflix’s rap competition series from several years ago? It starred Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. as judges and helped launch the indie rap career of Inglewood MC D Smoke, whose debut album Black Habits was nominated for a Best Rap Album Grammy in 2021.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting the show, or for thinking that it had suffered the fate of so many other Netflix originals and been canceled after its first season. After all, the last we heard about a second season was nearly four years ago, and it was supposed to air sometime in 2021, but never did. However, it looks like the show is definitely returning, with Netflix posting the announcement of season 2 on its YouTube page.

It also looks like the show was retooled during its hiatus, bringing a new set of judges in addition to another batch of young rap hopefuls. This season, contestants will be judged by DJ Khaled, Latto (herself a veteran of the comp show circuit), and Ludacris — a decidedly less controversial trio than the original lineup — and special guest judge Eminem, who’ll oversee the rap battle round (naturally).

The grand prize will be $250,000 — enough to launch a career with — and more information will likely be made available soon. You can still check out season 1 here.