Rico Nasty Switches Gears To Let Haters Know That ‘IDGAF’ On Her Latest Sugar Trap Single

Today, one of the rappers poised to get a big break in 2020, Rico Nasty, dropped her latest new single, “IDGAF,” a syrupy trap jam that reiterates her life philosophy and advances her promise that “this my decade.” While the more mellow track is a departure from the raspy-voiced rapper’s last, punk-influenced release, “Hard,” it shows off more of her devil-may-care demeanor and in-your-face charisma, proving that she has what it takes to be the face of hip-hop for the next ten years.

It sure doesn’t hurt that Rico was interviewed by Rihanna for the latter’s Rihannazine, a zine-style collection of interviews and editorials co-curated by Rihanna with i-D. In the ‘zine, Rico revealed the secret to her recent resurgence after spending the last few years on the underground circuit: ““I started out being all me, me, me, and then, the more time I spent in the industry, the more I wanted to start building a ladder to help all the other girls that haven’t seen what I’ve seen, because it’s something you want to share with the world,” she revealed. That change in philosophy led to Rico’s participation in a huge wave of breakout female rappers getting mainstream attention, including fellow off-the-wall weirdo Doja Cat, with whom she collaborated on “Tia Tamera,” which became a fan favorite. With her major label debut set to drop later this year, be on the lookout for Rico to make some serious noise.

Listen to “IDGAF” above.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.