Stormzy Shares The Heartfelt Advice He Received From His ‘True Friend’ Adele

Stormzy, fresh off releasing his new album This Is What I Mean, sat down for an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. During their conversation, the rapper shared how Adele helped him out with some genuine advice after he left social media: “You need to walk away and you need to take a break. You need some space. Protect your energy,” he explained.

The pair would eventually go on vacation together to Jamaica, as a way of escaping the pressures of the music business and life’s troubles. He noted that he and Adele have deep conversations often, which sparked her reminding him that sometimes an escape to a place of “peace and silence” is necessary. The trip was exactly that.

“Adele, I love her deeply. And we’ve always had amazing conversations. And that’s a true friend of mine, that’s not like a music friend. So whenever we kick it, we’ve had really beautiful and deep conversations,” Stormzy added. “And at that time it was like we weren’t going on holidays, we weren’t enjoying the fruits of our labor. Do you know what I mean?”

“It changed my life,” Stormzy said of the trip. “It was the most beautiful… I can’t even explain, it was really, really beautiful, and really healing, and really peaceful. God was on that trip. God was with us.”

Watch Stormzy’s full interview above.

This Is What I Mean is out now via Def Jam/Interscope. Buy/stream it here.