A Newscaster’s Taylor Swift-Inspired Traffic Report Earns The Pop Superstar’s Seal Of Approval

Taylor Swift’s gargantuan promo blitz for her new album Reputation got a friendly boost from a St. Louis morning show and The Mighty Taylor herself gives it her seal of approval. It’s not easy to get said seal. Just ask streaming music providers. Or Kanye West.

On Friday’s edition of Great Day St. Louis, co-host Laura Hettiger wove a series of Taylor references into her traffic report as a form of Swiftian homage. Nods to “Love Story” and “Blank Space” and other hits are peppered throughout the update, although Hettiger did miss a fantastic opportunity to do the report in a jewelry drenched bathtub. Something for the next release, I suppose.

Not only did Taylor see the segment (SHE SEES EVERYTHING), but she also shared it with the world complete with a lovely written endorsement. You can always count on the “Look What You Made Me Do” chart dynamo to stay on brand when it comes to stuff like this.

“My cousins in St. Louis sent this to me.” tweeted the pop megastar. “I LOVE YOU @LauraKHettiger”

Taylor’s Reputation is still being unpacked by critics following its trumpeted release with Taylor showing off the most glowing plaudits on Instagram, while sales have unequivocally been hot since the full-length dropped Friday. According to one report, Reputation sold over 800,000 copies in its first hour on sale. That seems to fit Taylor’s reputation as a music industry colossus just fine.

(Via People)