Black Lips’ ‘Noc-A-Homa’ Is An Ode To Chief Noc-A-Homa, The Former Mascot Of The Atlanta Braves

When I was a kid, I was a huge Atlanta Braves fan. There weren’t many options for a kid growing up in South Louisiana at the time (the closest team was in Texas) as the Braves and the Chicago Cubs were the only teams whose games regularly aired on TV where I was. I chose to be a Braves fan (my paw-paw was a diehard Cubs man) and went all out and watched just about every game and had the walls of my bedroom were adorned with Dale Murphy pictures and posters.

But one thing I’d forgotten about from that time was the Braves’ in-stadium mascot, “Chief Noc-A-Homa,” a (presumably) real life Indian who cheered on the team from a teepee inside the stadium. And then I saw the Black Lips’ video for “Noc-A-Homa” — a apparent musical ode to the mascot — and was reminded that a (presumably) real life Indian cheered on the team from a teepee inside the stadium.

In retrospect, that shit CRAY! Of course, the Chief and his teepee were eventually taken down (something something culturally insensitive something).

Lonely teepee set in the sky
Dancing circles on a summer night
Children laughing at his expense
Chucking more peanuts at a broken man

Anyway, enjoy!

(HT: Stereogum)