‘The Chi’: Here’s The Music You Heard In Season 6, Episode 5

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s The Chi episode will be found below.)

A bit of a time jump in The Chi season six has brought us to prom season for the kids in the series. In episode five, we check in with Kevin & Maisha, Jake & Jemma, Papa & Kenya, and Bakari & Lynae as they prepare for their prom. Though it should be a fun time, each couple has their own worries and inconveniences that arrive to disrupt things. Elsewhere, Keisha is forced to take matters into her own hands as she grows more and more frustrated with her life. Some new tensions arise between Emmett and Douda, Victor gets taken in for questioning by the FBI, Shaad is reluctantly pushed back into his old ways, and Marcus and Tierra have their first big disappointment.

The events mentioned above in the fifth episode of Showtime’s The Chi season six, titled “One Of Them Nights,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them below and details about the scenes the records played behind.

The following records were provided thanks to the Showtime Entertainment Public Relations team. Some records are unreleased and will not be on streaming until a later date. Check back for updates on a release.

J Sound — “Hold On To The Cape”

We hear this record around the 1:14 mark as Emmett helps Kevin show for a jacket to wear at prom. There seems to be a time jump with this episode as Kevin reveals that he and Maisha are an official couple now. It’s here that Kevin also lets Emmett know about a video game opportunity that will allow him to take his talents to Los Angeles.

Alex Isley — “Love Again”

This song plays around the 3:07 mark as Papa surprises Kenya with a promposal at Smokey’s. The room is filled with balloons as he presents her with roses and a sign that says “Anita Prom Date,” a cheesy reference to their mutual love of Anita Baker. Kenya, who is smiling from ear to ear, happily says yes to Papa’s promposal.

Jade McKenziie — “Gooddays”

Around the 12:15 mark, this song can be heard as Maisha is helping Lynae with her nails ahead of prom. Lynae shares that she’s worried about how Bakari and her brother Jamal’s meeting will go as Jamal is worried about Lynae being with someone who is in the streets. Maisha gives her advice and tells her to remind Jamal that most people are in the streets because they need to be, not because they want to be.

Iman Jordan — “All Over Again”

This record plays around the 34:02 mark as Kevin, Maisha, Jake, Jemma, Papa, Bakari, and Lynae all step out to show off their prom look and take pictures with family. Bakari also has his first meeting with Jamal where he promises to make sure that Lynae stays out of harm’s way.

Nardo Wick — “Who Want Smoke” Feat. Lil Durk, G Herbo And 21 Savage

Nardo Wick’s hit record can be heard around the 38:55 mark as the gang kicks off prom by turning up and having the time of their lives on the dancefloor. Kevin also informs Jake and Papa that he’s considering a move to Los Angeles for a video game opportunity.

Destin Conrad — “In The Air”

We hear this record around the 46:53 mark, as Quincy and his partner have an intimate moment together following a gathering at Victor and Fatima’s house. Quincy warns his partner about working with Douda, but he brushes it off citing no concerns in their relationship up to that moment.

Crown — “Drill 3”

This song plays around the 48:05 mark as Bakari and Lynae are driving throughout Chicago after prom. Bakari is speeding through the city and he’s eventually pulled over by the police which leads to a tense moment with officers.

Josiah Bell — “Danger”

Josiah Bell’s “Danger” plays around the 49:06 mark as Lynae walks out of the police station where she’s hugged by Nina and Dre. Jamal is also there to make sure she’s okay, and shortly after, we see Bakari from the police station where he’s greeted by Papa, Papa’s dad, and a look of disappointment from Jamal.

Travon Potts — “Hold My Hand”

Around the 50:54 mark, this record can be heard as Bakari sits in the car with Papa as Papa’s dad drives them home. The song, and the aftermath of being taken into the police station, seem to overwhelm Bakari as he begins crying in the backseat of the car.

Z. Rich — “Reminiscing”

This record plays around the 55:08 mark as Maisha lays with Kevin on his couch at his apartment. Kevin asks her if she’d move to LA for her music career, and without hesitation, Maisha says yes. This conversation seems to push Kevin to accept the video game offer that will bring him to LA, despite failing to inform Maisha of the opportunity.

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