The Trailer For Showtime’s Wilt Chamberlain Docuseries ‘Goliath’ Tries To Find The Man Inside The Myth

Drop the name Wilt Chamberlain to anyone, and they probably know one or two things about him. The scoring thing, or the other scoring thing.

Showtime Sports‘ docuseries Goliath wants to arm you with more information (and appreciation) about the dynamic basketball legend and humanitarian.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Utilizing groundbreaking artificial intelligence to recreate Chamberlain’s voice to narrate his own words and archival footage provided by the Wilt Chamberlain Estate, GOLIATH tells the definitive story of Chamberlain’s remarkable life and how he fits into the fabric of American history. The series invokes a variety of voices from sports, media, entertainment and academia to place Chamberlain’s life in both historical and contemporary contexts, highlighting his unparalleled athleticism, trailblazing achievements, personal magnetism and introspective nature.”

The trailer feels like an even balance between archival footage, although the use of AI to recreate the voice of a man whose been dead for over 20 years is a bit questionable. As for those talking heads, they include Kevin Garnett (who also executive produced), Pat Riley, Rick Barry, Jackie MacMullan, Bob Ryan, Tom Meschery, Dr. Todd Boyd, Jemele Hill, Jerry West, and clinical psychologist Orna Guralnik.

The first episode of the 3-part Goliath lands on Paramount+ for Showtime subscribers on July 14th and then on Showtime proper July 16th.