The Kid Laroi Attempts To Overcome Self-Sabotage To Win At Love On ‘Thousand Miles’

The Kid Laroi saw his career reach new heights after he released a third deluxe reissue of his debut mixtape F*ck Love. The release was highlighted by “Stay,” his collaboration with Justin Bieber, which went on to spend multiple weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart. While that song is still very much enjoying the height of its success, Laroi is ready to start the latest chapter of his career with the impending release of his debut album Kids Are Growing Up and he kicks it off with his new single, “Thousand Miles.”

The track arrives with a music video that watches Laroi battle against himself to successfully win at love. Self-sabotage arrives as one of Laroi’s alter egos and it goes to great lengths to ruin his chances with a new girl. It ties him to a car and drives him for miles, drops a piano on his head, electrocutes him, and more, all of which take place in the song’s comedic video. Unfortunately, his destructive ways prove to be superior in the end.

“Thousand Miles” arrives after Laroi went to great lengths to promote the song, even tricking some into thinking that he was at odds with his former manager Scooter Braun. It came after Laroi posted a TikTok which insinuated that Braun was his “last mistake.” However, just a day later, Braun showed text messages between him and Laroi that proved the TikTok was nothing more than a well-planned prank.

You can listen to “Thousand Miles” in the video above.