The Soundtrack For Wes Anderson’s ‘Rushmore’ Will Get A Vinyl Release

When Wes Anderson‘s Rushmore first hit theaters in 1998, I only knew about it because the production had filmed several scenes in and around my home town. Then again, I only knew that because the local press had gone bonkers when they figured out Billy Murray was a part of the movie. But none of that mattered once I finally saw the film because its soundtrack was unlike anything my adolescent brain had ever heard.

Now it seems that what once had only existed as a YouTube collection is now going to be released on vinyl, according to the A.V. Club.

The news of the Rushmore release comes courtesy of web store Elusive Disc, which already has a pre-order page up for the record. Supposedly out July 10, the Rushmore LP will retail for $24.99 and include 20 tracks.

The film’s soundtrack is a hodgepodge of wonderfully eclectic classics — from Cat Stevens and John Lennon, to The Faces and Donovan. Even Rushmore‘s original trailer boasts enough of these to pique interest. Then again, considering Anderson’s growing hipster cred, it’s no surprise this has finally happened.

(Via The A.V. Club)